Librarians: Throw The Book At 'Em

09/26/2008 - Beware local librarians. They look innocent enough – checking out your books; charging you 25 cents for late tomes you return at the counter. Look again. Look closely. There's a lot more going on behind those wire-rimmed glasses than you might think.

After publishing a story about the Citizens Against Pornography and the response of local librarians to the morality group's concerns over "questionable" books aimed at teens, I learned that I was an unwitting dupe in the "teen stacks conspiracy."

"The American Library Association (ALA) is advising media deception," Dan Kleinman advised me. "I can back that statement up with proof, it is wrong, and absolutely no one is reporting on it," he added.

Kleinman referred me to the Web site of "Safe Libraries," as well as his own study, "Who's Controlling County Libraries?" published in the St. Louis Christian MetroVoice. The findings were shocking. Consider this:

  • The ALA, the largest library association in the world, has fallen under the influence of a former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

  • ALA operatives advise grassroots librarians to rebuff concerns about immoral books by crying censorship, while issuing "polite, dignified statements" to a malleable news media.

  • Teen readership at libraries is in decline, so special teen sections have been instituted, often stocked with sexually inappropriate material.

So, where is J. Edgar Hoover when you need him? (Probably rolling over in his grave in Roy Cohn's tutu.) None of this is my fault! For years, I have labored under illusions that librarians are all like Marian in the movie, "The Music Man;" or, at least, no worse than librarian Mary in "Party Girl."

But what was I thinking? These are all Hollywood images. Hollywood is a player in this insidious plot – putting up a smoke screen to cover librarians' attempts to fray and then unravel the very moral fabric of a nation.

Kleinman was not the only patriot to set me straight. Readers noted that my article had mixed in Sarah Palin's attempts to call out the immorality of her Alaskan library. They said I had fallen for mainstream news media lies and was now a willing accomplice in a conspiracy to discredit Sarah.

With all due respect, if my mission was to disparage Palin, I might have focused on her foreign policy based on an ability to see Russia from Alaska; or perhaps her non-blinking resolve to follow Israel into any war launched against Iran; or, perhaps her desire to jump Putin's Russia over Georgia.

But, I admit it, I did reference the Washington Post and the L.A. Times on Palin's own big smack down with Marian the librarian. Who can you trust any more? Not the media. Not Hollywood. Not civil libertarians. I don't even trust myself anymore!

(See Don's blog at:

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    enough with the Music Man references, already
    September 26, 2008 | 10:48 AM

    If Don Corrigan thought that all, or even most, librarians were like Marian, then he clearly hasn't been in a library in, oh, the past decade.

    Knock it off with the stereotypes, they aren't helping your argument.

    Glenn Marks
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